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Reduce The Impact Of A Sudden Shutdown On Your Business

How to minimize the effects a power outage can have on your company. Power outages can be caused by a number of reasons and regardless of what caused it, it can be detrimental to your technology systems and data. There are a few things to consider as a business owner to minimize your risk of being negatively impacted by a power outage. Add to your power source. If possible, [...]

How A Security Reach Could Bring Your Small Business To Its Knees

Cyber security isn’t just for large companies and major corporations. Hackers and cybercriminals look for weaknesses across all types data systems. The difference between attacks on your small business and the “compromises” of larger businesses is that they have the financial strength to withstand the backlash. Even though larger companies can afford large scale data security, they are still targeted for attacks and many times data breaches are successful. [...]

7 Data Security Tips For Financial Firms

Any business is at risk for data breach—they are a single source of mass individual information—and should protect themselves accordingly against cyberattacks. Financial firms should take special considerations to protect and keep client data secure. Here are 7 data security tips for financial firms to follow to ensure they are doing all they can to maintain the security of client data. Advise your clients on email security. Let [...]

9 Top Reasons To Use A Telecom Broker

Telecommunication is the exchange of information via technology; encompassing transmissions of signals, signs, typed messages, sounds, images, and information over any type of technological system. A telecom broker is an agent (or agency) who assists businesses, organizations, bodies of government, and even individuals looking to upgrade their telecommunication processes. To help clarify all the many things a telecom broker can do for you or your business, here are 9 [...]