How to minimize the effects a power outage can have on your company.

Power outages can be caused by a number of reasons and regardless of what caused it, it can be detrimental to your technology systems and data. There are a few things to consider as a business owner to minimize your risk of being negatively impacted by a power outage.

Add to your power source. If possible, request a second power line run to your facility from your local power company. When a second line is run, and placed well a way from the main line, it reduces the risk of power loss caused by a physical outage.

Use UPS—Uninterruptible Power Supplies. UPS is a frequent took used at data centers and is highly recommended to invest in to protect against powers shortages and blowouts. UPS use stored energy to provide temporary power to your systems, providing enough time to switch your systems to a new power source or to safely shut them down without losing data.

Utilize proactive protection. Working similar to backup generators, Distributed Power Equipment or Cogeneration Systems can provide power during outages as well as during peak hours of usage to help protect against blowouts or shortages.

Invest in new technologies. Reduce your risk of falling victim to power outages by investing in the appropriate technologies, like smart-meters or advanced metering infrastructure to help minimize the duration and frequency of outages.

Stick to the basics. You likely already do, but just in case, you should be using surge protection devices to help prevent your company’s computers and data. We aren’t referring to the same surge protector you have at home; these SPDs are often installed in the building’s incoming electrical service as a way to protect against external electrical threats such as lightning.

Use data backup systems. Even with protective measures in place, outages can still compromise your system’s data. At a minimum, an auto-save program that routine updates or a cloud-based system back up can help to minimize the amount of data lost.

Contact Comscend to see where your business’ data and power outage weakness are and what the best route for security and protection are for your company’s needs.