Comscend began as a way to provide businesses struggling with issues a means to connect with the right technological solutions for their business. Our telecommunication and technology consulting firm has extensive background in every part of the technology industry from Telecom, Voice, and Data Centers to Software Implementation, Managed IT, and Cyber Security

It’s time for your business to focus on creating efficiencies and improving processes using technology designed for your business. Set up a meeting and learn how we can help advance your way of doing things.

Business Solutions


Connecting companies to digital and software solutions provided by our partners.

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Technology Consulting

Analysis and recommendations of programs and technology solutions to best suit your business needs.

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Data Insights

An exploratory analysis of your business’ current infrastructure, operations, and digital set-up with recommendations for improvements and necessary software.

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Software Solutions

Connecting you with, installing, and helping you implement the programs, software, and services required in your line of work.

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We help small to mid-sized companies and enterprises focus on creating efficiencies through use of technology in their business. See how we can help you transform your business


How A Security Reach Could Bring Your Small Business To Its Knees

Cyber security isn’t just for large companies and major corporations. Hackers and cybercriminals look for weaknesses across all types data systems. The difference between attacks on your small business and the “compromises” of larger businesses is that they have the financial strength to withstand the backlash. Even though larger companies can afford large scale [...]

9 Top Reasons To Use A Telecom Broker

Telecommunication is the exchange of information via technology; encompassing transmissions of signals, signs, typed messages, sounds, images, and information over any type of technological system. A telecom broker is an agent (or agency) who assists businesses, organizations, bodies of government, and even individuals looking to upgrade their telecommunication processes. To help clarify all the [...]